“Leave it behind and look forward… You are the only thing holding you back from a better tomorrow. “


The quote above is from a friend’s Facebook page; it is officially my mantra for 2013. I will admit, once midnight hit last night I felt like it was a fresh start. I stopped munching on mounds of snacks and transitioned to water.

Today was a great start to the year! 5 miles down on my goal of 1,000 milles ran in 2013. The picture above was my turn around point. I picked my head up at that point and thought it was beautiful. In addition to running, I love love food shopping. So I pulled together my coupons and got shopping done for a dinner party I am having Saturday and shopped for 2 weeks worth of dinners. Since the rest of my night was free I decided to prep my meals for the week. Garden salad chopped for lunches, Tomato and Wild Rice Soup and Paleo Spicy Drumsticks.

I would say I eat clean/paleo 80% of the time and 20% is blah. So I am hoping to clean it up a little by joining a 2 week paleo challenge at my crossfit gym. Weigh in and baseline WOD are tomorrow. For the rest of the week: Long walk with Gus in AM/Crossfit in PM with my sister Kate. Crossfit. Run AM/Crossfit PM. Saturday Long Run 7-8miles. Sunday Spin SOlo for 30 minutes and YOGA dvd with sisters Christi and Katie.


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