I love planning and making lists


So today I put in some solid work towards planning the steps needed to meet my goal for career development and got a head start on house hunting. I am really good at making lists; I just need a little more accountability when it comes to following through with my great lists. I am hoping a daily reminder on my phone will help me complete smaller tasks to reach the ultimate goal! (in addition to making lists; I love crossing things off the list).

I (half) met my fitness goal. I went to Crossfit and signed up for the Paleo Challenge. Correction to my last post: the challenge is 6 weeks long, great! The Paleo Diet is tough in respect to no grains, dairy or legumes; I have no problem skipping on processed foods and increasing meat and veggie intake. Fortunately the challenge I am participating in only requires that you food journal, take baseline WOD and pre/post pic. I would like to participate and feel the “feel good effects of Paleo” so I made a list on the the foods I am cutting out and/or limiting. I believe in balance and would like to find a way that I can keep forever, so I think my adjustments are realistic.
No Dunkin Donut Coffee for 6 weeks
1 desert per week
No Beer, Red Wine only (2-3 servings per week)
No white breads or pastas and limit all grain intake (1-2 per day)
2 slices of Pizza on Fridays (Pizza night is a tradition and pizza might be my favorite food)
Find more paleo snacks between meals
I think its a good plan and realistic. My goal would be a little bit of weight loss but major goal is to “feel the effects” perform better and get lean. Reward in 6 weeks if I complete the challenge???? Lululemon shopping spree? Ice cream from the fancy shop next to my crossfit gym? sneakers? massage?????


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