1 week down 51 to go.


It’s been a great start to 2013. I stuck to my plan of Crossfit 3x and ran 20 miles, did yoga and foam rolled twice this week (that’s just a BONUS!). At crossfit I was so pleased that the Toes to Bar exercise was effortless for me.
cf jan 3 ii
cf jan 3

On the other hand, the 12 miles I ran Saturday was not so easy. I met we the local running club for 6 miles of trailing running (it was first time). I had fun and it was challenging at the same time. After the trail run, my running buddy, Melissa and I ran an additional 6 a flat canal path. I think the new trail running and not having a lot of mileage under my belt was just too much. I am stronger and fitter after that run so its all good 🙂

Once I got home from my morning run, I relaxed for a bit and started getting ready for the dinner party. My husband and I invited our families our to see our recently updated kitchen. I have had them over in the past for dinner and all has went well. But I feel like I learned alot from last night’s dinner. 1. DOn’t be afraid to cook large quanties of food. (since it’s just the two of us I usually just cook what we need for dinner. When you are cooking for 10 its makes a difference.) 2. Taste test things before serving to make sure it’s hot and well done 3. Think variety for guests that are picky eaters. I will admit I did get frazzled during the evening when I was “learning my lessions”.
Nonetheless! It was a great party; we had NY strip steak, sweet potatoes with spinach and aspargus.
And we finished the night by hanging at the table playing catch pharse. Awesome game. I am going to look into load questions for another game night option.


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