A day at home


I was stuck at home today sick and feeling awful. Which is not so awful because I got to lounge around with Gus! photo
I spent time reading a lot of different blogs to get ideas for various Paleo recipes. I am trying to be committed to the Paleo Challenge. I was on a mission to figure out my 4 o’clock weakness (my husband and I always joke how I need “my 4 o’clock snack”) it’s usually before my crossfit class or I am done my work day so I feel like I NEED something sweet for energy or to hold me over to dinner. I had a recipe for “vegan energy bars”; garbonzo bean flour, dried fruit rolled oats (realized I did not have any at home) so I put a twist on that recipe and one from the blog carrots n cake. I was a little unsure of how it would turn out but was impressed once I could smell how yummy it tasted while it was baking.
my paleo muffins
Ingredients: mashed sweet potato, chia seeds, coconut oil, cransins, dried apple, walnuts, honey, almond flour, cinnamon, vanilla extract, baking powder

From there I made tomorrow’s dinner, pork tenderloin and sweet potato with spinach (same recipe from Saturday’s party). For tonight’s dinner, I am making a chicken recipe from Paleo OMG and spinach salad.

I didn’t get to exercise today, it kinda throws off my pre-planned week. THis week I am commiting to: strength cardio on my lunch tomorrow, 6 miles Intervals Wednesday, Thursday run 4miles and Crossfit in evening, Friday Crossfit, Saturday 12 miles, Yoga.


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