Final Day Home Sick but…


sick day 2
Yesterday I did break down and call for a doctor’s appointment. I will admit its slightly discouraging and ironic that I busted my butt to reach my 2013 goals and now I am dealing with flu like symptoms. I made good use of my time and posted two links to blogs that hit on the topic of exercise and effects on immune system.
So today, I am still sitting and recovering the rest of the day; hopefully feeling well enough to clean and disinfect my house.

Since I a difficult time sitting still I hope to cook/prep dinners for the rest of the week.
Wednesday: Southwest Turkey Burger
Thursday: Marinade London Broil, Veggie Cousous
Friday: Pizza Night
Saturday: Wildcard

As for exercise I am going to have to re-work my orginal plan.
Thursday: 3 mile run and CrossFit
Friday: Long walk with Gus and CrossFit
Saturday: Long run 10-12miles
Sunday: Yoga


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