OK, Tomorrow I go back to work.


I spent the day at home today working about 4 hours by attending a meeting via phone (FANCY**) and answering emails. Rather than burning 4 days of vacation I will work 2 short days tomorrow and Saturday. Tonight is the best I have felt since last Friday. I am looking forward to getting back to exercising again. I know I was really sick when I didn’t even feel guilty for watching a full season of GIRLS and Nurse Jackie (AND eating pizza hut and cookie dough yesterday).
The last few days gave me a chance to take of bunch of pictures of Gus.
8 jan
Big Dog Big Shadow
10 jan iii
10 jan
Little Running Around
10 jan iiii
Close Up

My Blog! I also had a chance to play around with wordpress and changed up my appearance and added some widgets. I also came up with a plan to have more structure with blogging to give me more accountability. I.E. “In the box” today? widget; an ongoing count of the days I am able to stay on plan with clean eating. Sundays will be Week in Review & What’s Ahead; tabulating my weekly and total mileage for year and workout schedule and meal plan for week.


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