How do I work this thing????


Seriously… It took me a few scrolls of the page to figure out how to log back into my account.  But I come back walking with my chin held high.  It was an eventful month (& change)!  I am happy to write that I am chipping away at a few of my New Year Resolutions.

Most fit yet; I have been averageing 20 miles per week running and signed up for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. All my training is prepping me for a Half Marathong April 14 (goal sub 1:45) and a FULL Marathon May 5 (goal sub 3:50).

Responsible drinking; have not been hungover in 2013.

Buy a home; settlement is end of March. SO excited.

Follow through with steps to career development; starting a NEW awesome big step in life kinda job in two weeks. Yoga certified this past Wednesday and preparing for a certification coming up in April. Next, working on improving my writing skills through reading one book per month and writing 3x per week on my blog.

On Saturdays I plan on sharing the past week’s menu; dinners, snacks, breakfasts stategies, etc that help keep me on course. I really have become fond for cooking; cleaning eating meals, paleo baked goods and dog snacks.

Savory, Salty, Spicy, Scrumptious Saturdays
Below is a picture of tonight’s dinner.
shrimp and pork fried qounia<
Pork Veggie Fried Qounia (left) and Pesto Shrimp (right)

This week, I have to tap myself on the shoulder for being savvy in use of left overs. The pork used in tonight’s qounia is leftovers from Monday, marniaded crock pot pork tenderloin with stove top and Health Blends veggies. Tuesday was the second go at Chili Clianto Lime Whole Chicken crockpot style and then used leftover over chicken to bulk up my Veggie Bean Soup. I rounded out the week with Protein Scones as my vice for sweet tooth. I have given in to avoiding all sugar and come to terms that I can have sweets but as a healthier alternative.

Tomorrow I will review my past workout week and committ to workouts for the upcoming week.


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