NJ Marathon watch yourself!


I am 10 weeks away from running my third marathon. With each marathon I get a little wiser and run a little faster.

(left) Bucks County Marathon 4:16 (right) Baltimore Marathon 3:57

What I have learned from each marathon:
1. If you don’t hit a 20+ mile long run in training it does not equal failure. While training for my first marathon I was working and traveling like crazy, stressed with work and stressed with finding the time and motivation to get my long runs in. Literally I was in tears while running because I was exhausted, not having fun, and overwhelmed with the idea of running 26.2 miles. My only saving grace or motivation to get me to the starting line that day was my best friend Megan. She flew in from AZ (jet lagged) and ran with me. It was an awesome day.
marathon 4<

2. Training hard makes game day a walk in the park. My second stab at marathon training went really well because I had a “no excuses” running partner, Melissa. As a personal trainer everyone says I am so tough but Melissa put me in my place. Melissa kept me on point me with my long runs regardless of how slow we finished. With all the hard work, I went into race weekend really confident and enjoyed the race.

Training for Marathon #3:
So far so good! *Knock WOod* I am averaging 20+ miles per week and building my long runs each week. I am most impressed with my determination; it has helped me stay consistent with speed training Tuesday mornings, long runs on the weekends and yoga! I am also adding a 3rd or 4th run during week involving mile repeats or hill work. My determination is also fueled by qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The qualifying standards make it very hard to get into but who gives a $h*T I am feeling pretty squirrelly to show this thing who is boss!!

I receive a running newsletter from Active.com which usually includes some great training ideas. This week featured a great article summing up how I feel or have felt about marathon training, How to Balance Marathon Training With Life.

For the NJ Marathon I am looking most forward to the conditions, should be on the flat side and mild weather. I am little nervous because I will be running solo. My game plan is to start with the 3:45 pace team and then go from there.


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