Soaking up the last of Summer

Soaking up the last of Summer

2 weeks officially left in summer and I took it upon myself to go into “soak it up” mode.

This past weekend, GF and I jam packed some fun summer activities.

Saturday morning we took a trip to the beach.  Every time I take GF to the beach, I always think “gosh have beach trips changed…” no time to read the magazines I packed and a nap on the beach is laughable.  Beach trips with a toddler are highly active but certainly a blast!  The trip involved in and out of the ocean (numerous times): GF loved the movement of the waves and crashing/splashing.  He made some sand castles then smashed some sand castles and had a picnic on the beach!   By the end, GF was telling him he was tired and ready to go home (MOM 1 : Toddler 0, lol).

When we got home the sun went down and we took advantage of eating outside for dinner. The perfect summer night inspired me to have an impromptu hot dog bar for dinner. It was pretty easy to set up.   I prepped a bunch of delicious toppings: Sauer kraut, baked beans, avocado, bacon, spicy mayo, brown mustard and “fancy corn on the cob”.  Then we loaded our dogs with whatever our little hearts desire.  To finish out the night we hung out by the campfire.

Sunday involved less activity; we started off the day visited the local Grange Fair.  GF loved the animal barn.  It was great for toddlers to see livestock in person, to really see how “big” the cows are, and how “fuzzy” the bunnies are.  GF really liked his pony ride and sitting on all the John Deere trackers.   This summer activity prompted me to create a Farm Sensory Bin.

Farm Sensory Bin:  With help of Pinterest I was able to pull some toys from our house to create this bin.  Items of sensory bin include:

  • plastic toy farm animals
  • puppet farm animals
  • John Deere tracker toy
  • maracas were for singing Old MacDonald
  • green paper was the farm grass)
  • corn kernels
  • cotton balls
  • Books
    • Chicken Big was the inspiration for our “corn” sensory bin. This story is a silly twist on the storyChicken Little.
    • No Sleep for the Sheep! was the inspiration for our “sheep” artwork.

To finish out the summer I have a list of fun activities to soak up the last few drops:

  • 1-2 more beach days
  • Ice Cream on Sundays
  • Local Wednesday night Concert in the Park
  • Pool day with Family
  • Fireworks at Sesame Place on Labor Day

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