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Game Day


Its a BEAUTIFUL fall Sunday morning and perfect day for Football!   I am so grateful for my birthday gift, a ticket to the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburg Steelers (go Birds!).   Excitement and hope are in the air in South Philly as a legit quarterback is rising in the organization.   Get on the Wentz Wagon because he is smart, dynamic and determined.

Ok I am done my Football analysis.

Time to talk about how I plan to keep focused on my goals and still enjoy myself at today’s tailgate.  

Heading off for a football game is an all day event.  Leave at 10:30am, tailgate 11:30-3:30pm, game start at 4:25pm, sit in traffic 8:30pm and get home at 9:30pm to give Gavin a kiss good night.  Knowing all that and the it was a “surf and turf” tailgate theme, I shifted around my meal prepping to Saturday.  I grilled a bunch of meats for lunches and dinners and then made two sides (one of which is heading to the tailgate)  Theme of meal prep… Cook once, eat all week!

Vegetable Quinoa Medley

Brussel Sprout Sweet Potato Hash


Sunday Morning – Game Day

My main goals for food choices is protein with each meal, sneak vegetables in whereever, drink loads of water, and some “damage control” AdvoCare products. 

  • 5:10am Wake (out of bed 5:30am)
  • 5:30am Spark!
  • 5:45am Mediate (work in progress) goal now is 3 minutes, lol
  • 5:50am Pre-workout: AdvoCare Muscle Strength
  • 6:15am Pre-workout: 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp. of sunflower butter
  • 6:45am Workout
    • Strict Press 5×5
    • EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) check out video below
      • 5 Pull-Ups (subbed with Body Row)
      • 5 Front Squat 65#
    • 200 Jump Ropes
    • Accessory work: Shoulders and Triceps
    • Loved this workout because I got in solid strength work in and the EMOM kept me moving, got my heart rate up and I got sweaty! On top of that it only took 40 minutes… WIN!

  • 7:30am MNS and Crave Check.  Crave Check is a my damage control for tailgate and game fun.  
  • 8:00 am Breakfast – 3/4 egg whites, 1/4 cup oatmeal and chia seeds
  • 9:30 am ThermoPlus, second damage control product 
  • 10:00 am Snack –AdvoShake and 1/4 scoop protein
  • 11:30 am – Have a good one time 




Toddler Reads

Toddler Reads

Before Gavin started walking I got in the good habit of reading to him before bed.  It was so easy because he wasn’t so squirmy and wormy.  Shortly after his first birthday we got out of the habit and to be honest it is sometime easier to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggle with Gavin.  However there is always a twinge of mom guilt when I don’t read to Gavin.  For the obvious reasons that reading time is a great way to get the ball rolling on conversation, bonding, and teach good habits for future.  Check out this article on 10 Reasons Why you should Read with your Toddler.

Our Favorite Books

Our book collection really took off at the the baby shower and when Gavin was born.  I truly appreciated all the books because I love a big book collection and wanted to make reading apart of how I raised Gavin. These are probably the books that have been most read to date and our personal favorites.

Newest books added to collection

Purchased at Marshalls each book was under $5, an absolute bargain. To be honest with you I thought the book selection at Marshalls was really impressive. They had a few popular book but had a large selection of Halloween books. I was just pulling books off the shelf and dropping them in my cart.

Each book has a purpose behind it:

Big Boy Underpants – help with transition out of diapers to underpants!

The Cherrios Play Boom – fun interactive book for snack time or breakfast

My First 100 Words – love love these books because it’s less of toddler needs to sit, more interactive and so easy to get conversion going and

Five Little Pumpkins – the pumpkins on cover are so darn cute and Fall is upon us (yay!)

I am going to make it a habit for rest of month to read to Gavin three nights before going to bed 3!

Question? What’s your favorite childhood book? 

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Update: Days 1-4

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Update: Days 1-4

Hi, friends! Happy FRIDAY to you!

I’m currently doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and blogging my experience with it both for accountability for myself and to show other people what it’s all about. Today is start of Day 4 and I am happy to report that I have lost 4 lbs since Day 1. On top of weight loss feeling 

  • Energized without afternoon slump
  • Less bloated and blah because of slug sitting in my gut 
  • Satisfied! Eating 5-6 meals every few hours of protein, carbs, veggies, fruits and fats
  • Less scared of putting on jeans

I am doing the challenge with a group of my challengers.  It certainly adds a layer of accountability, support and fun to have friends to lean on during the challenge.   The last 4 days we have check in on each other, sent encouraging emojis and shared pictures of tasty recipes.  

Here are few snap shots from last four days! 

Lunch! Veggie Soup+Lean Ground Meat+Brown Rice

Dinner! Grilled Chicken and Veggies+ Cauliflower

PM Herbal Cleanse Pack

Lunch! Baked Salmon topped with Tomatoes+Green Beans+Sweet Potatoes

DAY 4! Feelin like a Boss!

Stay tuned for more! 

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Preview Days 1-10


Over past few days I cleaned out closets, decluttered and scrubbed the house, it’s time to do the same with my insides with the 24 Day Challenge.  

Around this time last year the jumped in a 24 Day Challenge because I was feeling in a rut of nutrition and not getting results from my workouts.   What I loved about the challenge was it’s meal plan doesn’t tell you what exactly to eat and how much to eat.   The meal plan actually matches your frame, age, activity and how much you are currently eating.  So less starving more strengthening the metabolism.  (Heck ya!). 

What is the 24 Day Challenge? 

It’s a jump start for weight loss in 24 days that includes 2 phases.   Days 1-10 is cleanse phase and days 11-24 is max phase.   This program provides meal plan, products, coaching and support.  The coaching and support piece is unique because it’s most likely someone you know or that you may know through friends because of the network marketing model.   Our AdvoCare Team also had a robust private Facebook page with inspiring stories, recipes, and community feel to ask questions.  

What’s included? 

Spark – drink mix that provides energy and mental clarity/ focus.  Filled with minerals and vitamins, it has replaced my 3 cup of coffee for last year now!

Herbal Cleanse System –   The cleanse is not for someone that has poor eating habits, it is a recommended habit every 90 days to rid your body of the build-up of harmful toxins that can leave you feeling a little sluggish. You may try to eat healthy, but environmental pollution; as well foods that seem ok sneak toxins into our bodies. Something as simple as a piece of cheese or bread can upset the delicate yeast balance in our guts; or that healthy piece of fruit that wasn’t organic, left pesticide residue in most of your organs including your liver. The cleanse is like a reset button on your health.  

Fiber – The Advocare Cleanse Fiber Drink mixed with Spark is great.  This powerful combo scrubs the insides of your intestines and removes the 7-10 lbs of junk built up.   Why scrub the inside of your intestines??? So other nutrients you eat can be absorbed through the lining and feel healthy!! 

Meal Replacement Shake – taken at breakfast days 1-10 and every forth day during Max Phase.  For a shake this is GREAT tasting and easy to digest.  I blend a handful of spinach with any flavor and feel statified with 24g protein and 24g carbohydrates.  Whenever I am coaching a challenger I often get a complaint about not having the meal replacement shakes for last half of challenge.  

OmegaPlex – these fatty acids are essential for everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes and organs, decreases inflammation, boost metabolism, and immune system, increase energy, and effective digestion and enhance mood.  … That was a mouth full!  

Rehydrate – this drink mix aids in flushing out toxins from body and making sure your keep a good electrolyte balance in your body while you are cleansing.  

What do you eat? 

Best part of challenge is you are eating 5-6 meals per day of REAL food!  3 square meals and a snack between each meal.  

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Lunch 1 –  Veggie soup + lean ground meat + brown rice 
Lunch 2 – Crockpot salsa chicken over lettuce + peppers + sweet potato on side 

Tuesday: Rice Cauliflower over gilled veggies 

Wednesday: Salmon foil packet (asparagus + tomatoes) 

Thursday: Baked chicken with greens beans, tomatoes (made it last week and it was easy and tasty) Note* no carbohydrates with dinner so I’ll save it for lunch the next day.  

Friday: Pizza Night! (NOT) it’s shrimp stir fry

Top Row: Veggie Soup; Bottom Row: Pre pakced ground meat /rice and Crockpot chicken

Does it sounds like it’s time for a tune-up cleanse?  If so, email me at

Final Quarter of Year

Final Quarter of Year

Ever since my last Spartan Race on August 14th I allowed myself to take my foot off the gas pedal.  So less focus and productivity in areas of workouts, nutrition and getting **it done.    

With Memorial Day weekend and my 33rd birthday, I am approaching the beginning of Fall and the opening to the final quarter the year with mindset of “4 month til 2017.  I want to end 2016 feeling accomplished, fulfill and ready for big things in 2017.”   I welcome Fall with open arms because it serves as a reminder that change is ahead.  

For this new quarter, I completed two things to set up the last quarter of 2016 for success! 

1. Decluttering

In first chapter of the Happiness Project, it starts with decluttering as first step toward road of happiness and inner peace…   “One of the things about happiness that continually surprises me is the degree to which, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm, and inner self-command.

In the context of a happy life, a crowded coat closet or an overflowing in-box is trivial, and yet such things weigh us down more than they should.”

That’s why I decided to declutter my bedroom.   Here are some of the highlights from my decluttering efforts.

Finding hidden treasures 

I found a handful of gift cards in an old wallet .

Nail polish for fall

Perfect colors for Fall.

Accumulation of soooo many bags 

Race shirts you won’t ever wear 

The final damage 

So happy with final product!

Now that I have more space in my closet; time to shop!  Now that everything is hung up and folded, the challenge will be to keep it that way!  Answer for that is following the rule of one-minute.

2. Planning:  

Passion Planner:   When I started using my Passion Planner things started to click. I absolutely love the prompts, the numerous calendar formats and open space.  However, I found that if its outta site outta mind…

Vision Board:  So based on my passion planner plans, it’s getting posted on my vision board. “Whatever you put your focus on, you will attract back to you.”    My vision board is my MAP OF ACTION to be my best self.  I posted my vision board to the right of my desk in my home office. 

Not 100% complete but I got a good start. I broke up my board into a 

  • Goals- personal, physical, business, blog, family
  • A few empowering and positive affirmations
  • Dream vacations
  • Daily Habits Check List (to be added) 

Looking forward to every morning and development in next month.