Final Quarter of Year

Final Quarter of Year

Ever since my last Spartan Race on August 14th I allowed myself to take my foot off the gas pedal.  So less focus and productivity in areas of workouts, nutrition and getting **it done.    

With Memorial Day weekend and my 33rd birthday, I am approaching the beginning of Fall and the opening to the final quarter the year with mindset of “4 month til 2017.  I want to end 2016 feeling accomplished, fulfill and ready for big things in 2017.”   I welcome Fall with open arms because it serves as a reminder that change is ahead.  

For this new quarter, I completed two things to set up the last quarter of 2016 for success! 

1. Decluttering

In first chapter of the Happiness Project, it starts with decluttering as first step toward road of happiness and inner peace…   “One of the things about happiness that continually surprises me is the degree to which, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm, and inner self-command.

In the context of a happy life, a crowded coat closet or an overflowing in-box is trivial, and yet such things weigh us down more than they should.”

That’s why I decided to declutter my bedroom.   Here are some of the highlights from my decluttering efforts.

Finding hidden treasures 

I found a handful of gift cards in an old wallet .

Nail polish for fall

Perfect colors for Fall.

Accumulation of soooo many bags 

Race shirts you won’t ever wear 

The final damage 

So happy with final product!

Now that I have more space in my closet; time to shop!  Now that everything is hung up and folded, the challenge will be to keep it that way!  Answer for that is following the rule of one-minute.

2. Planning:  

Passion Planner:   When I started using my Passion Planner things started to click. I absolutely love the prompts, the numerous calendar formats and open space.  However, I found that if its outta site outta mind…

Vision Board:  So based on my passion planner plans, it’s getting posted on my vision board. “Whatever you put your focus on, you will attract back to you.”    My vision board is my MAP OF ACTION to be my best self.  I posted my vision board to the right of my desk in my home office. 

Not 100% complete but I got a good start. I broke up my board into a 

  • Goals- personal, physical, business, blog, family
  • A few empowering and positive affirmations
  • Dream vacations
  • Daily Habits Check List (to be added) 

Looking forward to every morning and development in next month.  


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    • Awesome! My next goal is to walk around house and pin point other areas. I should put a timeframe on that too. Proud to report I have kept up with decluttering from September. Thanks for stopping by!

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