AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Preview Days 1-10


Over past few days I cleaned out closets, decluttered and scrubbed the house, it’s time to do the same with my insides with the 24 Day Challenge.  

Around this time last year the jumped in a 24 Day Challenge because I was feeling in a rut of nutrition and not getting results from my workouts.   What I loved about the challenge was it’s meal plan doesn’t tell you what exactly to eat and how much to eat.   The meal plan actually matches your frame, age, activity and how much you are currently eating.  So less starving more strengthening the metabolism.  (Heck ya!). 

What is the 24 Day Challenge? 

It’s a jump start for weight loss in 24 days that includes 2 phases.   Days 1-10 is cleanse phase and days 11-24 is max phase.   This program provides meal plan, products, coaching and support.  The coaching and support piece is unique because it’s most likely someone you know or that you may know through friends because of the network marketing model.   Our AdvoCare Team also had a robust private Facebook page with inspiring stories, recipes, and community feel to ask questions.  

What’s included? 

Spark – drink mix that provides energy and mental clarity/ focus.  Filled with minerals and vitamins, it has replaced my 3 cup of coffee for last year now!

Herbal Cleanse System –   The cleanse is not for someone that has poor eating habits, it is a recommended habit every 90 days to rid your body of the build-up of harmful toxins that can leave you feeling a little sluggish. You may try to eat healthy, but environmental pollution; as well foods that seem ok sneak toxins into our bodies. Something as simple as a piece of cheese or bread can upset the delicate yeast balance in our guts; or that healthy piece of fruit that wasn’t organic, left pesticide residue in most of your organs including your liver. The cleanse is like a reset button on your health.  

Fiber – The Advocare Cleanse Fiber Drink mixed with Spark is great.  This powerful combo scrubs the insides of your intestines and removes the 7-10 lbs of junk built up.   Why scrub the inside of your intestines??? So other nutrients you eat can be absorbed through the lining and feel healthy!! 

Meal Replacement Shake – taken at breakfast days 1-10 and every forth day during Max Phase.  For a shake this is GREAT tasting and easy to digest.  I blend a handful of spinach with any flavor and feel statified with 24g protein and 24g carbohydrates.  Whenever I am coaching a challenger I often get a complaint about not having the meal replacement shakes for last half of challenge.  

OmegaPlex – these fatty acids are essential for everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes and organs, decreases inflammation, boost metabolism, and immune system, increase energy, and effective digestion and enhance mood.  … That was a mouth full!  

Rehydrate – this drink mix aids in flushing out toxins from body and making sure your keep a good electrolyte balance in your body while you are cleansing.  

What do you eat? 

Best part of challenge is you are eating 5-6 meals per day of REAL food!  3 square meals and a snack between each meal.  

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Lunch 1 –  Veggie soup + lean ground meat + brown rice 
Lunch 2 – Crockpot salsa chicken over lettuce + peppers + sweet potato on side 

Tuesday: Rice Cauliflower over gilled veggies 

Wednesday: Salmon foil packet (asparagus + tomatoes) 

Thursday: Baked chicken with greens beans, tomatoes (made it last week and it was easy and tasty) Note* no carbohydrates with dinner so I’ll save it for lunch the next day.  

Friday: Pizza Night! (NOT) it’s shrimp stir fry

Top Row: Veggie Soup; Bottom Row: Pre pakced ground meat /rice and Crockpot chicken

Does it sounds like it’s time for a tune-up cleanse?  If so, email me at


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