I am starting this blog as a new hobby and motivation to keep me going strong as I strive to be the best me YET! I am pretty motivated and hardworking but I want to be more accountable with following through with tasks (sure I am not the only one). Specifically, lose the final few pounds in weight loss, career development, keeping brain strong and reaching new fitness goals. Below are my goals for 2013, posted on 12/31/2012.

Read 10 books
Most fit yet: Marathon under 3:50; Log 1,000+ miles; Be able to do Muscle Up or Climb rope
Find ways to let go and take time for me
Responsible drinking (hangovers are more common as I get older and I am nearing 30 so I dont need to be the life of the party anymore)
Buy a home
Start a family
Continue loving people close to me
Follow through with steps to career development
Teach Gus to return ball


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