Soaking up the last of Summer

Soaking up the last of Summer

2 weeks officially left in summer and I took it upon myself to go into “soak it up” mode.

This past weekend, GF and I jam packed some fun summer activities.

Saturday morning we took a trip to the beach.  Every time I take GF to the beach, I always think “gosh have beach trips changed…” no time to read the magazines I packed and a nap on the beach is laughable.  Beach trips with a toddler are highly active but certainly a blast!  The trip involved in and out of the ocean (numerous times): GF loved the movement of the waves and crashing/splashing.  He made some sand castles then smashed some sand castles and had a picnic on the beach!   By the end, GF was telling him he was tired and ready to go home (MOM 1 : Toddler 0, lol).

When we got home the sun went down and we took advantage of eating outside for dinner. The perfect summer night inspired me to have an impromptu hot dog bar for dinner. It was pretty easy to set up.   I prepped a bunch of delicious toppings: Sauer kraut, baked beans, avocado, bacon, spicy mayo, brown mustard and “fancy corn on the cob”.  Then we loaded our dogs with whatever our little hearts desire.  To finish out the night we hung out by the campfire.

Sunday involved less activity; we started off the day visited the local Grange Fair.  GF loved the animal barn.  It was great for toddlers to see livestock in person, to really see how “big” the cows are, and how “fuzzy” the bunnies are.  GF really liked his pony ride and sitting on all the John Deere trackers.   This summer activity prompted me to create a Farm Sensory Bin.

Farm Sensory Bin:  With help of Pinterest I was able to pull some toys from our house to create this bin.  Items of sensory bin include:

  • plastic toy farm animals
  • puppet farm animals
  • John Deere tracker toy
  • maracas were for singing Old MacDonald
  • green paper was the farm grass)
  • corn kernels
  • cotton balls
  • Books
    • Chicken Big was the inspiration for our “corn” sensory bin. This story is a silly twist on the storyChicken Little.
    • No Sleep for the Sheep! was the inspiration for our “sheep” artwork.

To finish out the summer I have a list of fun activities to soak up the last few drops:

  • 1-2 more beach days
  • Ice Cream on Sundays
  • Local Wednesday night Concert in the Park
  • Pool day with Family
  • Fireworks at Sesame Place on Labor Day

NJ Marathon watch yourself!


I am 10 weeks away from running my third marathon. With each marathon I get a little wiser and run a little faster.

(left) Bucks County Marathon 4:16 (right) Baltimore Marathon 3:57

What I have learned from each marathon:
1. If you don’t hit a 20+ mile long run in training it does not equal failure. While training for my first marathon I was working and traveling like crazy, stressed with work and stressed with finding the time and motivation to get my long runs in. Literally I was in tears while running because I was exhausted, not having fun, and overwhelmed with the idea of running 26.2 miles. My only saving grace or motivation to get me to the starting line that day was my best friend Megan. She flew in from AZ (jet lagged) and ran with me. It was an awesome day.
marathon 4<

2. Training hard makes game day a walk in the park. My second stab at marathon training went really well because I had a “no excuses” running partner, Melissa. As a personal trainer everyone says I am so tough but Melissa put me in my place. Melissa kept me on point me with my long runs regardless of how slow we finished. With all the hard work, I went into race weekend really confident and enjoyed the race.

Training for Marathon #3:
So far so good! *Knock WOod* I am averaging 20+ miles per week and building my long runs each week. I am most impressed with my determination; it has helped me stay consistent with speed training Tuesday mornings, long runs on the weekends and yoga! I am also adding a 3rd or 4th run during week involving mile repeats or hill work. My determination is also fueled by qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The qualifying standards make it very hard to get into but who gives a $h*T I am feeling pretty squirrelly to show this thing who is boss!!

I receive a running newsletter from which usually includes some great training ideas. This week featured a great article summing up how I feel or have felt about marathon training, How to Balance Marathon Training With Life.

For the NJ Marathon I am looking most forward to the conditions, should be on the flat side and mild weather. I am little nervous because I will be running solo. My game plan is to start with the 3:45 pace team and then go from there.

Week in Review and What’s to Come


CF team WOD<<
Last week was a very eventful workout week.  I had 3 good runs, became a Yoga certified teacher, and competed in a Crossfit Team WOD

Weekly Mileage Log:
Week = 20 Miles
2013 Total= 149.5 miles

Workout Schedule Week of 2/25/13
Monday: Rest and Recovery
Tuesday: Crossfit
Wednesday: Intervals in AM and Crossfit in PM
Thursday: Run 6miles
Friday: Cardio 60 minutes and Lift
Saturday: Run 15 miles
Sunday: Lift and Yoga

How do I work this thing????


Seriously… It took me a few scrolls of the page to figure out how to log back into my account.  But I come back walking with my chin held high.  It was an eventful month (& change)!  I am happy to write that I am chipping away at a few of my New Year Resolutions.

Most fit yet; I have been averageing 20 miles per week running and signed up for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. All my training is prepping me for a Half Marathong April 14 (goal sub 1:45) and a FULL Marathon May 5 (goal sub 3:50).

Responsible drinking; have not been hungover in 2013.

Buy a home; settlement is end of March. SO excited.

Follow through with steps to career development; starting a NEW awesome big step in life kinda job in two weeks. Yoga certified this past Wednesday and preparing for a certification coming up in April. Next, working on improving my writing skills through reading one book per month and writing 3x per week on my blog.

On Saturdays I plan on sharing the past week’s menu; dinners, snacks, breakfasts stategies, etc that help keep me on course. I really have become fond for cooking; cleaning eating meals, paleo baked goods and dog snacks.

Savory, Salty, Spicy, Scrumptious Saturdays
Below is a picture of tonight’s dinner.
shrimp and pork fried qounia<
Pork Veggie Fried Qounia (left) and Pesto Shrimp (right)

This week, I have to tap myself on the shoulder for being savvy in use of left overs. The pork used in tonight’s qounia is leftovers from Monday, marniaded crock pot pork tenderloin with stove top and Health Blends veggies. Tuesday was the second go at Chili Clianto Lime Whole Chicken crockpot style and then used leftover over chicken to bulk up my Veggie Bean Soup. I rounded out the week with Protein Scones as my vice for sweet tooth. I have given in to avoiding all sugar and come to terms that I can have sweets but as a healthier alternative.

Tomorrow I will review my past workout week and committ to workouts for the upcoming week.

Back in the swing


I have not be able to stick to my pre workout plan for this week but I am feeling strong and less “nasally”. I missed my workout Monday but hit the ground running Tuesday. I started with a little interval run for 25 minutes and a mini strength circuit.
Minutes Speed
4 minutes 5.5 mph Jog
1 minute 3.8 mph Walk
4 minutes 5.6 mph Jog
1 minute 3.8 mph Walk
4 minutes 5.7 mph Jog
1 minute 3.8 mph Walk
4 minutes 5.8 mph Jog
1 minute 3.8 mph Walk
4 minutes 6.0 mph Jog
1 minute 3.8 mph Walk
Wednesday, my running buddy Melissa met me after work for an interval workout. I kept the intensity at moderate intensity; rather than increasing speed I kept my sprint at 7.0mph.
Reverse Ladder Speed Training
After 5 minute warm up
10 minutes Sprint #1
5 minutes Recover Light Jog
8 minutes Sprint #2 Faster than #1
3 minute Recover Light Jog
3 minutes Sprint #3 Faster than #2
2 minutes Recover
1 minute Fastest Sprint
1 minutes Recover
1 minute Fastest Sprint
1 minute Recover
5 minutes Cool Down
After our run Melissa surprised me with two awesome surprises!
16 janiii
Buffalo Jerky and Fruit Bits from Trader Joes! Two get snacks for the afternoon time. The jerky was super soft unlike the mini bricks you find in other store bought products. The Ends & Pieces All Fruit Bars have a ton of flavor; they remind me of fruit roll ups!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my nutritionist. I really focus the appointment on strategies in order to stay consistent so I “stay in the box” on the regular. And find out what would deem being out of the box and veering off the path.

Week in Review & What’s Ahead


I am so glad to that I am over the flu and can move ahead.  I certainly had my moments of weakness and went crazy on some foods that I thought would comfort me.  It’s never worth it; the effects of extra slice of pizza or spoonfuls of cookie dough last days.  I finished the weekend with 2 days of cleaning eating and light exercise so it’s back to 2013 goals!

Week 2 Miles: 0 😦  2013 Total: 20 miles

Workout Schedule Week of 1/14/13

Monday: Crossfit

Tuesday: Morning Interval Workout and Strength Class

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: Run and Crossfit

Saturday: Long Walk with Gus

Sunday: 10-12 miles

Dinner Menu:

  • Monday: Salmon and frozen veggies
  • Tuesday: Paleo Pork Chops and Zucchini, Black Bean and Rice Skillet
  • Wednesday: Pesto Chicken Sausage and Brussel Sprouts
  • Thursday: Chicken in Mustard Lime Sauce and frozen veggies
  • Friday: Pizza
  • Saturday: Wild card

Back to full strength


The only way I could describe yesterday is, “I have not sat down yet”.
It was a typical Maggie kinda day; went to work early to catch up from being out most of the week then picked up Gus and met my mom at the park. She brought along her dogs Brady and Bella and we walked 4.3 miles.
wod 12 jan
Once I got home I had some Paleo Peanut Stir Fry
• 5 tbsp. Soy Sauce
• 2 tsp. crushed ginger
• 2 tbsp honey
• 1 tbsp. fresh lime (1/2 lime)
• 4 tbsp. Peanut butter
• 1 tsp. minced garlic
• frozen bag of Stir Fry veggies (Green and Red Bell Peppers and Onions)
1. Wisk all ingredients together.
2. Marinate your choice of meat in sauce for at least an hour if possible.
3. If stir-frying a ton of veggies, you may want to steam them slightly first.
4. Add marinated meat and sauce to veggies and cook until meat is done.
5. Garnish with green onions and sprinkle with sesame seeds. (I didn’t have theses ingredients at home)

After refueling it was time for food shopping! I love food shopping! I make one big trip that takes care of us for 2 weeks. My goal this trip was to find satisfying snacks for that 4 o’clock pick me up.
Top Right Corner: Dr. Oz Protein Spinach Shake. It’s my go to shake because it’s a great way to sneak in veggies. When ever I show my friends the shake they are freaked out because of the bright green color and expect the spinach to have an over powering taste.
Bottom Right Corner: I pre-packed (and measured!) almonds, dried pineapple, apricot and 1 piece of dark chocolate. I am hoping that this gives me the sweet that I am looking for at 4 o clock and energy for crossfit after work.
A Saturday Night in with Joe!
sat nite
I was so excited to not have any formal plans and the opportunity to cook a big spread of food and watch football. We started with spinach salad with walnuts, bell peppers, tomatoes and balsamic dressing. As our entrée we had Turkey Meatloaf Muffins and Nachos. I really loved the turkey meatloaf muffins, any left overs could be used as a quick mid snack too. Only modifications that I made to the recipe was used 1/2 tsp for spices, used yellow mustard (wet) instead of dry spice, and swapped out adobo powder for cumin. So TASTY!